About Shochu

What is Shochu ?

Shochu is a distilled spirit made from a variety of raw materials (Barley, Rice, Sweet potato, Buckwheat, etc.). Each of these raw materials gives a distinctive flavor to refined shochu. The alcoholic content is usually 25%.
There are two main types of shochu. Honkaku Shochu and Ko-rui Shochu.
Honkaku Shochu is distilled just once. It retains the character of the base ingredient with rich flavor and aroma. Honkaku means "the real thing".  You can enjoy Honkaku Shochu straight, on the rocks or with a splash of water for tasting real Shochu. KAGURA shochu is this type.
Ko-rui Shochu is distilled several times. It has almost no flavor, so it's good for making cocktails.

How to Drink

    To savor the full impact of the natural ingredients.
    You can enjoy the rich taste directly.

◆On the rocks
    Served chilled with ice makes you feel refreshed.
    Three or four big ice cubes are recommended.
    (See the right photo)

◆Shochu and Water
    Smooth taste, but it still remains filled with aroma
    and flavor.
◆Mixed with Hot water
    Recommended for Sweet potato Shochu. Sweet
    flavor and rice aroma are harmonized perfectly.
    First, add approx.158 °F (70 °C) hot water,
    and after that Shochu is poured. The recommended
    ratio between Shochu and Hot water is 6:4 or 5:5
    (See the right photo)