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Cask Storage

Cask Storage’s Unique Aroma and Flavor

Shochu aged in a cask for more than 3 years has a unique flavor.
The shochu has the cask tree’s aroma, which other shochu can not have.

Made-to-Order Cask

The quality of shochu depends heavily on the quality of cask.
We use made-to-order casks to store shochu.

Wood Selection

The wood type of a cask changes the flavor of stored shochu. We specify the wood and order and purchase casks to achieve the desired aroma and flavor of the shochu.

The Burned State inside the Cask Changes the Shochu Taste

Wood flavor and ingredients are easier to transfer to the shochu by burning the inside of the cask.
The shochu taste changes depending on the burned state and the number of the cask usage.
To keep the best taste, the inside of the cask is re-burned after 3 times of use.

Storage Environment

Our storage casks are stored at our head office and Takachiho Tourists Shopping Center “Tunnel Station” in Takachiho, Miyazaki. It is suitable to store the casks for aging shochu there because it is stable in both temperature and humidity.

1,115m Storage

In Tunnel Station, which was supposed to be used as a railway tunnel, 1300 casks are stored at 17℃ and 70% humidity. The environment is suitable for cask and shochu storage. Tunnel Station is free to enter to contribute to revitalizing the community.

3000 Casks 20 Years Aged Shochu

We have kept making shochu for a long time and have about 3000 casks now.
We also have shochu aged for 20 years. They are our treasures.

Kurabito (Shochu Master) Blending Skills

The suitable environment can not make delicious shochu itself. Kurabito manage and make delicious shochu with their blending skills. Both the blessed environment and the skilled masters can make delicious shochu.

Kurabito Management

Kurabito periodically check the quality of the stored shochu.

The taste of the stored cask shochu is different, depending on the number of cask usage, even if they are stored for the same period.
Our skilled Kurabito blend different shochu from different casks and make the taste which our customers like.

Cask shochu

Long-Aged Barley Shochu,
Himukano KUROUMA
Buckwheat Shochu,