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Series Shochu-Shishi (Samurai)

This series is aimed to get more attention for shochu from today’s generation. Dynamic story and movement with original Samurai characters and CG animation attracts them.

#1 (15 seconds)
#1 (30 seconds)
#2 (15 seconds)
#2 (30 seconds)
#3 (15 seconds)
#3 (30 seconds)

TV Advertisement TENSONKOURIN ②


After sweet potatoes produced in Southern Kyushu are manually-sorted one by one, the low temperature distillation of the raw materials gives us the product with carefully-selected original gorgeous fragrance and flavor. The shochu product provides you with the one-and-only refreshment and delicious taste.

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Himukano KUROUMA

Himukano KUROUMA

The full flavor has been successfully brought out from the carefully selected barley grown in Japan by distilling at a low temperature. It has a luxurious aroma and refreshing taste.