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Online Shop(JP)

Commitment to
Shochu Making

High Quality Ingredients

Sweet Potatoes from Southern Kyushu

We use sweet potatoes from Southern Kyushu. Tenson-Kourin is made from sweet potatoes through decompression distillation.
This process allows the ingredients’ aromas to inform the quality of shochu. Our staff checks every potato carefully to ensure they are not diseased or damaged before using.

Two-row Barley
Domestic Only

Our barley is mostly from Kyushu.
The land for barley cultivation is decreasing year by year in Japan, but we can reliably source our barley, due to our long-term relationships with our farmers.


We have a 3km pipeline between our water’s fountainhead and our factory. We call the clear and pure water Saito-Kiyomizu.

Skills of Kurabito, Shochu Master

With Personal
Five Senses

Our Kurabito, shochu masters, try to make shochu with their five senses expanded. We pay attention to our perceptions of aroma, touch, taste, sound etc. and face koji everyday.

Mechanized Quality Control

Hygiene and temperature are managed by machines so that koji and yeast can flourish and ferment as shochu masters plan. Accurate management using machines makes stable shochu production possible.


Modernizing Shochu

Not only do we continue to produce traditional shochu, we eagerly try to develop new liquors and brands to fulfill new needs and demands.
We also offer recommendations on how to make delicious concoctions or new ways to enjoy our products.