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TV Advertisement “Tensonkourin”

TV Advertisement for Young Generation

To promote shochu for today’s generation, we are making promotional videos using CG animation. We design characters and make stories like video games, which are popular among young people.

Original Characters


Appears from Chiho’s Hyotan (gourd). Gets weaker if the volume of shochu is not enough. Looks like a human, but is not.


A cheerful and energetic 22 year old woman.
She travels around the country on a walking pilgrimage with a mysterious Hyotan. Her aim is unknown.

VR celebrity Mai Tokita acts as Chiho Kagura.
Mai Tokita is a virtual character, though she acts in TV advertisements and works as a fashion model as the name of M.A.I.
She looks a bit realer than the just animated figure to get accepted by common people.
Many professionals in different fields take part in her character as advisor.

VR celebrity
Mai Tokita

She also acts in VR Haunted House,

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Our TV Advertisements


The Label of

Attracting People
with Bujin-ga Label

A black horse running from the country of myths (heaven). It represents our wish that our shochu spreads out from Takachiho, a town of myths, to the world. The Suibokuga (ink-wash painting) label is painted by Masayuki Kojo, the Bujin-ga artist.
An eye catching label design of the very powerful army horse.

Masayuki Kojo

Beginning in 2014, Masayuki Kojo started his activity as an ink-and-wash BUJINGA (samurai painting) artist on a full scale.
He does not capture “samurai” not as a fighter but as “a person who has preparedness”, and draws the “moment” of the preparedness which samurai has in mind as a BUJINGA painting.
He was inspired by a dish of an Italian chef whom he had associated with before, and started to draw painting even on a mat which is usually used for protection.
What has made news is his bold and delicate composition and the composition that is somewhat easy and familiar to Japanese.
In recent years, it has become a hot topic that he worked on COLLABO BUJINGA which depicted the moment of preparedness of the characters of popular animations in addition to world-famous movies.

His Art
前田慶次郎利益 ②
真田幸村 日ノ本一